Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Free Soul

As schedule is getting more and more challenging, I can’t help but have the feeling to miss this seagull which I saw recently. It was flying alone, with cloudless sky at his background.

What a contrasts in the colour! What a contract in way she live!

May she always be free as bird…with tireless modern windmills accompany her.

May 13

Surprised when I saw the May 13 Book is being sold in Universiti Malaya. (Are our higher learning institute getting more freedom, I wonder?).

Attracted by curiosity, I have gone through 40% of the book within a few hours. In a nutshell, I have these impression on the creation:

a) Dr. Kia has done a very very good job. Knowing that he is walking on a dangerous line, he frame the sentences as such that it only representing what was captured in documentation 40 years ago. This, in return, could save him from plenty of trouble. I am quite sure this book has been scrutinised so that authority could find a way to bring him to legal action.

b) It is pretty technical; the phrases used is not meant for the mass, much due to the nature of presenting an unbiased record. well done!

c) It is eye opening! and mind opening!. I am not in the position to comment as it may bring me to unwanted trouble. I can't help but being awaken by the facts which were hidden for so long.

d) It is depressing. Knowing how things were planned and worst still, those involved are still roaming at large and hold the highest power in the country.

I would appreciated if you could buy or read this book in support of free-right movement. should you prefer to borrow, I am willing to share.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Inconvient Truth

Watched this documentaty movie recently, I can’t help but being amazed by two things:

a) Americans are really good salesman. They can heat up anything and sell them like hot cake
b) Global warming looks like more and more an actual occurring scenario.

The documentation has been credited Al Gore. He is the formal vice president to Bill Clinton. The documentation won him millions of dollars, tones of fame and a Grammy awards.

He demonstrated some scary comparison between what it was many years ago and now. For example; it shows how much the ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro has melted now compares to 40 years ago.

As no one could actual prove or disapprove on global warming. (it is way too complicated); we could consider of putting some efforts to save our mother earth. Probably we could start by viewing this documentary first. It is worth to watch

Animal Farm

Many comments been heard on our society, focusing much on the value deterioration mostly on those whohave power.
I could not help but to relate it to the famous book called animal farm. This masterpiece was written by George Orwell (thought I find not many Malaysia read his great works).

This is a powerful book and I recommend it heartily. Insights were so strong that Mr. George Orwell could foresee it more than 60 years ago.
The story is simple: a group of farm animal, after being tired of their drunken owner, decided to revolutionize and decide to rule themselves. Suddently they are independent! (sound familiar?)

Upon gaining the independency; the animals works closely and heartily and think only for their animal kingdom.
Many declarations were made such as
- 4 legs are friends; 2 legs (human) are enemies
- All animals are equal.

Just always, some clever ones try to take advantage. In this case; pig is the clever ones. They manipulate the situation to enable them to have power and wealth. Later they change the slogan to suit them

- All animal are equal;
- but some are more equal than others.

These declarations with clauses are not strange to us. We are in situation that most things are with conditional clauses. Just the recent incident, only most of us realized finally. I may rephrase it:

- All Malaysians have the freedom to choose their religion*

* in this case, as we all know, but I shall be allow to mentioned as I may be caught without trial

Also in this book; it states that when the animal kingdom are turning into worst scenario, (after the pig rules the kingdom with iron and fists), they draw away attention by parades, awards declaration and many others. Also, when things got even worst, they idolize their leader nadn put his picture visible everywhere. Does it sound familiar?